Thursday, August 6, 2009

Denial of Reality

To deny reality, or actually to deny this present awareness is to deny our true nature. That is why we suffer. We argue with reality (with what is). At that point we stop the flow of life completely. We focus on one thought, feeling, situation etc . . . saying that it should not be as it is. This is a story told by the mind to keep the story of me alive. This keeps us from our true feelings. Our true nature, this present awareness holds true love, compassion, and joy. Everything we have searched for our entire lives. When we focus on one thing or another and argue with reality we deny ourselves this true love. We also deny it to those around us and cause them to suffer as well. Rest in this present awareness, allow the arguments to pass. They are only temporary unless we focus on them. Rest and experience true love, compassion, and joy!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Get A Life

The title of this writing is actually a joke. "Get a life" is a common expression which is taken very seriously (by the story of "me"). How do you achieve something that you already are?? If you rest in this present awareness, and look beyond every concept, belief, and story you will see what I mean. Our true nature, this present awareness, is life itself. Life is living itself through each of us. Trying to "get a life" is like a cat wishing it was a cat. There is nothing to achieve.

The problem is that this awareness, this life goes unnoticed. Most people experience the world through the mind (i.e. the false self.) Experiencing the world through, stories, concepts, and beliefs is not true life and very very limited. Therefore we start seeking for something that we call life, which is just an image created by the false self. We seek and seek and seek through, food , drugs, people, books, religions, etc . . . and can never find it. That is because we are looking everywhere but right here! Right here, right now in this present awareness is everything we have been looking for. There is nothing to get!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Resistance is a form of seeking. It is the denial of reality verses some future reality. It can be a full blown story or as subtle as feeling. No matter what form it arises in, it is still a movement toward future. There is something saying that this moment, this present awareness is not good enough and that we must find some other moment in the future that is more pleasurable or pleasing. It is movement that gives time to our unhappiness. It is a story told by the false-self that says that "someday I will be happy, someday I will have more money, someday they will act different, etc..." Not only does this create a search that can never be fulfilled, it actually magnifies our suffering, and causes separation with everything. What then is the end of resistance, the end of suffering, or the end of separation? Rest in this present awareness. See these stories and movements for what they are, stories and movements. They are temporary movements that arise and fall in this present awareness. They do not have to be believed, manipulated, or repeated. They are just a part of the flow of life, nothing more. See that "this" --this moment, this experience, this present awareness is enough. There is no need to resist anything and no need to seek for anything, not even enlightenment. See that what arises and falls in this present experience is the flow of life and there is no need for anything else.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Resistance of the here and now is a subtle form of seeking. It is the false self coming in and judging or labeling this present experience and saying it is not "good" enough. It is a search for another moment that will be better or good enough. The search is kept alive moment by moment. We search and search for the experience that will fulfill the story and make the false self complete. It never happens. No matter how long we search that moment will never arrive. It is a time-bound story that can never be completed because the false self will not allow it. The false self actually can not see that the peace, joy, etc. . . that we have been searching for is right here. It is the timeless awareness that is here right now. It is what is beyond the search, beyond the story, beyond any concept of happiness. It is "THIS." It is what is here before and after any seeking or Resistance even arises. It is the eternal! When Resistance or seeking is noticed--Rest. Rest in this moment, in this present awareness. That is all that is necessary. There is nothing to do, no-where to go, nothing to seek. This is enough. It always has been.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


The idea of no-self can be a confusing and even sticky point. One does not loose anything besides the story of self. What is seen through is all the preconceived notions, ideas, identities, attachments, and beliefs about self. Once these dissolve the true self comes through. What is here then is so much more than anything that is perceived as lost. What is left is true beingness, the fullness of life itself. No story or attachment can compare to the peace, love, and , joy of life that is left when the true self is realized. The catch is that the more you seek for this to happen the more it will elude you. It is only in resting in this present non-conceptual awareness, and seeing the stories for what they are that everything will fall away. No matter how hard the story tries it can not get rid of itself.

Letting Go

In the realm of thought or the false self there is no such thing as letting go. Why would "you" want to? It makes a very good story. Look at what "they" did to "me." See what "I" accomplished. Whether it is a story of victim hood or a story of accomplishment the false self does not want to let go of it. Every thought every feeling in this state is a trap to keep the story alive. We become attached to the train wreck, the carnival going on inside and revel in it!! Yet there is a glimpse of awareness that says " I want out." The false self can never get out. It can never let go, accept, or surrender anything it is attached to. The Key to freedom i that tiny glimpse of awareness. The glimpse beyond the story. In that moment, is the power to face, question, and see the thoughts for what they truly are. Thoughts and stories. When they are seen for what they are they lose their power. They begin to dissolve. That is not to say they will never come again. But, like a spinning top they will eventually loose momentum. When that happens they are the ones that let go.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Separation is a funny concept. And, that is all that it is, a concept created by the false self or the little story of me. It is truly an act of violence that the false self perpetrates on the world. The false self wants to create disunity in the universe so it creates separation. It wants to keep the story of “me” alive so, it has to create “others” in order for there to be a me. It is violent because it is a form of rejection on the level of the story. It is saying that “that” is separate from this story. But what it wants us to believe is that “that” is separate from this present awareness. It is only separate from the story. How can anything be apart from this present awareness?? It can’t. It is the unmovable, the unmolestable, and the undeniable suchness that is “THIS.”
Short moments of resting in this present non-conceptual awareness will allow the story to die. So, as we sit in present awareness, where is the separation? Where are the boundaries? There are none! They are only concepts created by the false self. They are only little stories that we call, others, labels, names, occupations, people etc… They have no truth except to the story. And what is the story? Nothing more than a fairy tale told by the false self. It has nothing to do with who we truly are. We are not a story, or a concept. We are part of the flow of life that is this present awareness, which has no stories, no concepts, no boundaries, and no separation. They don’t exist.